Milling around at the Milnerton Market
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Milling around at the Milnerton Market

by Emily Hellens
January 24, 2018


For the vintage lovers out there this is your ultimate destination. Situated left of the main road driving into Milnerton (Marine Drive) you have your weekend morning mapped out! About 250 stalls of second hand goods. Get there early to see the best of what people have to get rid of.

This place is a serious case of hit or miss – you could leave hot and bothered empty handed or most likely hot and bothered with a whole pile of rubbish! If you have a love for the old, the quirky, the cheap and the rustic this is where you could furnish your entire flat for close to nothing! Don’t be shy to ask for a better price if you feel you are being ripped off. From furniture to kitchen appliances to quirky décor bits and bobs, prepare yourself for bargains GALORE!


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